Why did you chose the season you did for your Wedding?

There has just always been something incredibly magical about late fall for me - it's when we met, when we fell in love, and when I feel most alive. There is nothing more spectacular than Montana in the fall and having planned and attended hundreds of weddings in Montana in all seasons, I wanted nothing more than the fall. Montana weather can be unpredictable but that is exactly what I wanted - our lives are imperfect, we can't control the weather, sometimes you get married in a snow storm and it's still the best day of your life.

What did you love most about your day?

I loved every minute of it. But the moments I remember the most are just genuinely relishing being with all the people (and dogs!) we love the most in the world.

Did you have inspiring Elements or story behind your decor?

Abbey fill

Your favorite Wedding story?

Someone asked me what my "inspiration" was and I had to be honest - American Pie 2 - where they rent the lake house and hang out with their friends for a whole summer. I wanted to recreate that energy around our wedding. So we rented a house and had all our friends and family out for the week prior to just genuinely spend real time together and enjoy. I will cherish that forever - these are the times that matter to me the most. We live in New York City now and so many of our friends and family are scattered all across the country (and the world) I wanted to soak up every single moment of getting all of the love in my life into one space.

Details: Tell about your Wedding details & what you loved about them?

I loved showing our personalities in unexpected details - we're both very eclectic and interested in tons of different things. So we brought that to our wedding through the music, the mixed florals and our use of light. I wanted to bring our love of the city - art deco architecture, line work, and vintage classics - together with our love of the mountains and my roots growing up with a multigenerational ranching family. Marrying those two styles sounds hard but we used color to tie it all together with all the natural beauty and the seamless indoor/outdoor fusion at Glacier Raft.

I wanted to take all the most incredible hues of Montana in the fall and amplify the gorgeous surroundings at glacier Raft by using complimentary deeply pigmented hues in jewel tones.

Did you have inspiring Elements or story behind your decor?

After planning hundreds of weddings over the years - I had seen a lot of the same stuff over and over again, and a lot of trends that I know will come and go quickly. I was deeply committed to doing things a little differently and really being true to what I felt would stand the test of time, and be able to look back and still love all the style elements of our wedding. So, I sat down with all the thoughts and visuals that brought me joy and found that many of them were things that reminded me of memories, or people or places in my life and our life as a couple. I chose gold rimmed glassware and china because it reminded me of my grandmother's table in rural New Mexico, I chose classic silver flatware because it reminded me of Thanksgivings with my family in Oklahoma, and so on. Once I started putting all that together it was became a really lush vision for not only a visual display that I loved, but a feeling that brought the emotions of the wedding together, which is what I was most committed to. Creating a space to gather with friends and family that felt celebratory, warm and felt like home to us all for the day.



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"Jennifer Mooney appreciation post! Jennifer, we love you.
Pro tip: get married to a rad dude in the snow, throw approx 17 parties and hire Jennifer to capture it all.

Thank you for coming along on this ride with us. This process was so intensely personal for us - and I guess maybe everyone says that. But for me, this group of people and this sweet man I got to marry represent the culmination and continuation of my life’s work, and ours as a couple and as partners for life.

To leave this world a little better than we found it, to love the people around us in the way they deserve to be loved - for the incredible humans they are.

I knew I wanted you to capture the love we have for each other and the people around us because you approach your work with the care, love and devotion that I can only hope I bring to mine. You’re family now. Thank you for bringing so much light and passion to this process with us. We’re forever grateful." - Abbey

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