Wedding Day Inspiration & Experience

Why did you chose the season you did for your Wedding?

The main reason we chose our wedding date is because we wanted to get married on our Anniversary. Looking back now though, Spring seems to be such an under appreciated season to get married in. Everything is turning green and colorful again and it's a beautiful time to start a new chapter in your life.

Did you have inspiring Elements or story behind your decor?

"Cozy & Intimate". We stayed at the Belton Chalet Adobe Cabin and also had our dinner with our family there after the ceremony. We kept it simple with the decor and made it more about the feeling of the day; love, laughter and being surrounded by family and friends!

Your favorite Wedding story?

We took some pictures before the ceremony and forgot to take off our rings! We didn't realize it until it came time to exchange them, so we took them off switched rings just to put them back on. It definitely made for a good laugh and an even better memory!

What did you love most about your day?

Absolutely everything! We could not have asked for better weather, better company, better vendors, or better anything. There's no way we could have asked for anything to turn out better than it did. We are so blessed with how our wedding day turned out!

Details: Tell about your Wedding details & what you loved about them?

We honestly didn't put a whole lot of time or energy into the little details of the day, but the way everything came together was amazing! My personal favorite details were the custom campfire mugs we gave our guests and the charms on my bouquet. I had a picture of my grandfather and sister that passed away, attached to my bouquet. There's nothing more comforting than having your angels by you on one of the most important days of your life.

In the end what mattered the most about your wedding day?

It was the best day of our life. None of the small details mattered. I have never felt more in love with my husband that special day. In all, the love we shared was the most important that day.


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Hiring Jennifer was definitely one of the best decisions we made throughout our wedding planning process! She's incredibly helpful with offering recommendations for other vendors too. Six months later, we're still looking at our photos in awe and are so thankful for her talent to remember our special day by. We will cherish our wedding photos forever! Thank you Jennifer!

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